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Established in 2010, Lebel & Bouliane is a full-service design firm focused on academic buildings, commercial interiors and custom residential projects. Our strength lies in finding innovative, beautiful, and contemporary solutions for new or renovated mid-size building environments.

Our belief that buildings are part of our living cities, neighbourhoods and campuses, requiring seamless integration to their context, an intense sense of place and purpose, with an integrative approach to sustainable building solutions. We seek clients who want to actively engage their built environment and create a cultural experience of space, community and purpose — and we take great pride in being a part of achieving it together.

Luc Bouliane, Principal/Architect

Luc @ Arch-LB.com

Luc is a Professional Architect, licensed and insured to practice in the provinces of Ontario and New Brunswick. Luc leads the design direction of the office and works very closely and successfully with industry-leading consultants to ensure that the shared vision of client and architect are met through innovative thinking, positive collaboration, effective coordination of consultants, and contract administration with client and builder.

Lebel & Bouliane was founded after 10 years as a design and Project Architect at Teeple Architects in Toronto where Luc designed and coordinated dozens of projects varying in size and scope: from British Columbia to Northern and Southern Ontario. Luc has gleaned a tremendous amount of experience working with medium-to-large scale renovations and new-builds for leading Canadian institutions, from Langara College in British Columbia to the Perimeter Institute in Ontario.

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Natasha Lebel,  Principal/Studio Director

BArch, MBA
Natasha @ Arch-LB.com

Equally footed in business and design, Natasha has worked in innovation, design and marketing with some of the largest companies in North America, such as P&G, Johnson & Johnson , and Limited Brands.

In the past fifteen years Natasha has designed branded corporate interiors, commercial exhibits, products, marketing collateral for companies in Canada and the US, as well as developing corporate strategy, marketing strategy, business plans and product innovation plans in a variety of industries (from furniture to beauty care, from manufacturing to information technology) for large firms and start-ups alike. Alongside her practice as a consultant in business and design strategy, Natasha is the Studio Director for Lebel & Bouliane, contributing significantly to project ideation, design and branding integration.


Wes Wilson, Associate

Hon. BAS, MArch, OAA
Wes @ Arch-LB.com

Wes is a registered Architect whose work focuses on complex spatial development, innovative form and construction/fabrication methods. With an acuity for 3D modelling and project documentation, he has completed renovations, new-builds and major architectural studies in Toronto, London, and New York.  Prior to joining Lebel & Bouliane in 2013, Wes worked with Teeple Architects, where he collaborated with Luc on several major projects. He is currently leading a significant number of the firms construction projects.

Wes also remains actively involved in architectural criticism and teaching.


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Jason Hong, Architect

MArch, OAA
Jason @ Arch-LB.com

Jason enjoys problem solving and figuring out how things are put together no matter the scale of the project. On any given day, Jason may be writing proposals, drawing details, applying for building permits, coordinating consultants, writing specifications, building 3D models or just playing with Legos. There is nothing he wouldn't do to achieve a good design.  

Before joining Lebel & Bouliane, Jason has worked with Unit A architecture and Kohn Shnier architects on institutional and residential projects of various scales. His thoroughness and keen observation of site conditions make him valuable for renovation projects requiring skillful risk management. Combined with his ability to simplify ideas into clear diagrams and present designs in 3D visualizations, Jason turns complex design decision making into a process that is rational and easy to understand. 

Mario . 2016.11.jpg

Mario Arnone, Designer

Mario @ Arch-LB.com

Mario graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Architectural Studies in 2015. 

Prior to joining Lebel & Bouliane, Mario worked on a variety of high-end residential and commercial projects in Oslo, Amsterdam, and Toronto. He is well versed in conceptual visualization, and spatial organization.



Laura Zarnke, Studio Manager

Laura @ Arch-LB.com

Splitting her time equally between Marketing, Administration, and Design, Laura's attention to detail ensures the daily operations of Lebel & Bouliane are running smoothly. Highly organized and adaptable, Laura performs an integrally supportive function for all staff while contributing to project development in the office.  

As a graduate of OCAD University's Environmental Design program, Laura's passion lies in creating beautifully functional spaces.